What people are saying.....

Love Missy and her team. They are rock stars, true professionals. 
Joe Biondi, Houston
Missy handled some tense and difficult portions of the closing with absolute professionalism. The buyer was acting as her own realtor and my scorched earth approach was probably not the best path and certainly the wrong path for Missy's career and reputation, after we sold and moved away from her city. She was absolutely wonderful as our representative and kept all parties moving forward. That transaction may not have closed if Missy didn't provide her leadership. 
Mike McConnell Austin, Texas
Missy was just awesome and so easy to work with!!! 
Martha in New Mexico
Missy and her staff were attentive and straight to the point. They explained things in a way I could understand and I felt they were always looking out for my best interests. I can't imagine having done this with anyone else! 
Dave Doyle, Albuquerque
Missy Ashcraft was awesome! She was incredibly positive and helpful as we searched for a home. The process took longer than we expected and we saw many houses. Missy remained patient and supportive throughout the whole process. I appreciated her positive and fun attitude, especially during the stressful moments. I especially liked how genuine she was. She never pressured us or told us things just to make us rush into buying something. I highly recommend Missy and will utilize her services again the next time I need to buy or sell a house!
Michael, Albuquerque
We consider ourselves lucky to have had her in our lives this past year. Made a difference on all levels. We will miss her.
Lori Lash, Denver Colorado
The first time Missy Ashcraft came into our home, she immediately identified the main thing we had to sell. The View. All the marketing materials were focused on our beautiful view of the Sandia Mountains and our location on the bosque in addition to the house itself. Missy was always enthusiastic about our home and was always looking for creative ways to market it. We would highly recommend Missy to family and friends. 
Sandy and Bill Young
Amy Jones should get credit for the excellent service she gave us on buying our property. We can't speak highly enough of our experience with her, from start to finish she was very responsive, kind, and a constant professional. She went beyond our expectations in showing us properties, negotiating with sellers, staying on top of home inspections and the closing on our property. We will definitely recommend her to our family and friends. Thank you, Amy Jones!
Carrie, Irvine, California
Missy's attention to detail was obvious through the purchase process . Extremely helpful and knowledgeable when we ran into glitches 
Lori -Albuquerque
I have had my Real estate Licensce in Miami and Albuquerque -
Missy, is not only professional and HONEST, She has a talent for contemporary marketing that exceeds expectations. Thanks lady ! She sold my parents home and exceeded our expectations. She not only impressed me, but both mys sisters and my mom after dealing with multiple inadeqate Realtors. 

Ali Johnson
Missy's overall plan worked. The home photos showed the house beautifully. Her suggestions about our preliminary work helped us prioritize our efforts to prepare the house for market. Her director of operations, Chris K., kept us informed about the sales progress and kept the transaction on target when we discovered some of the repair work was not done properly by our contractor. They are a great team.
Don Begley

29-Feb-2024Missy and her team were amazing, as usual! Missy knows the market and was very helpful in every phase of the process. We have used Missy and her team with ours and our daughter's last few buys/sells, and will on any additional ones. We would highly recommend Missy and her team to anyone who wants to be well taken care of and to reduce your individual efforts and stress of buying/selling a home.
Heather And Dean Willingham
Missy Ashcraft's knowledge of the market and negotiations with the buyer was instrumental in getting our house sold as quickly as possible. Missy was always prompt with replys and readily available when we had questions. Her advice was critical when it came down to the final numbers and her experince was the reason we were able to negotiate a final settlement.
Fred and Shawn
Missy is wonderful to work with! She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, dedicated, and always has her clients best interests at heart. She has great contacts for anything that may come up during the home buying/selling process, I would highly recommend her!
Chase and Elena
You could not ask for a better well educated knowledgeable realtor.

If you are looking in Albuquerque she is your go to person.
Stuart and Flo
She was always available.

Walked us through with patience. Good advice. Followup reminders.

No disagreements. Tried to follow her advice.

No snafus nor last minute problems. And we were about 1,000 miles away until the very end.
Jerry and Suzette
Missy is a wonderful partner and professional who achieved excellent results in the sale of my home.
Dr. Paul Hopkins
Missy is so experienced with service, mortgage and escrow professionals it made every step of purchase easier.

Missy and her team worked together to support my needs. When I wanted to see a house and Missy was unavailable, one of her team made the appointment and met me. There were no mis-steps at all.
Catherine Griffin
We established a rapport with Missy during the builder selection process for our new home.

She was very knowledgable and priced our home to maximize our return yet insure a rapid sale. She kept us informed at all times on all issues through the sales process. She also recommended staging the home to better ensure a rapid sale, and made other valuable recommendations regarding preparing the home for sale.

She met with us several times at our request prior to putting the home on the market. During those meetings, she addressed all of our questions and concerns. She was very patient with us, worked to meet our time frame, and assured us everything would work out well, which it did!

Chris Kluzinski, her director of operations, was always diligent about keeping us informed through phone calls and emails.
Joe and Barbara
Missy was spectacular!
Robin Abbott
 I very much appreciated Missy's experience and professionalism. It was an important factor in going through the process... and relying on her advice and judgement.

I appreciated Chris Kluzinski's coordination efforts and timely communications. That helped to instill confidence in the process.

The direct email communications and the DocuSign process made this effort so much easier for me as the seller.
Ken Nunez
Highly recommended by 2 friends, one of whom had her house sold immediately when she switched to Missy.

An offer in a day can't be beat.

You can't do better than Missy and her team!
Jacqueline Gould
Working with Missy Ashcraft was by far our best home sale experience.
Nick and Diane Leitch
Missy was an easy choice, I had heard nothing but glowing reviews and was confident she would sell my house.

Missy and her team were excellent through the entire process. I appreciate that she understands how emotional buying and selling can be and she did her best to make the process seamless.

Missy was positive, upbeat and honest from beginning to end.
Cristin Elder
Missy is professional and knowledgeable with a high attention to detail. She guided us through the sales and purchase process with her clear experience and expertise on this housing market and the real estate field in general. Very Impressed! Thanks Missy!
Heath and Misty
We had some issues with the house repairs and inspection that were handled very well and since we were not local we appreciated that.
Gerald and Kathleen Duffy
Missy Ashcraft is a true professional that gets the job done. I cant imagine finding a better partner. I always felt like Missy had my best interest in mind.

Chris Kluzinski is her assistant and she is a very hard worker, much appreciated!
Greg and Carol Brown
Missy not only understood the market side of our move, she understood the personal side. She treated us like family and provided a ton of guidance on both listing and negotiating our sale. Her marketing is second to none and she was extremely responsive to our questions and requests. None of this was a surprise to us because she's the one who helped us find and the buy the house we just sold and we were so grateful to have her on our team. Can't say enough good things. I'd recommend Miss Ashcraft to anyone that wants to take the stress out of selling a home.
Matt and Rose
Missy is a rockstar real estate professional. I need a superstar like her in my corner.

I have bought and sold numerous properties in the past 30 years. Missy is by far the most dedicated, knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic realtor I have ever met.


Chris Kuizinski must have a Harry Potter‘s wand. Her organizational skills were surpassed only by her kindness towards me in a process that at times was overwhelming. I don’t know how she possibly keeps track of so many important occurrences. She was also able to keep every party in formed in a timely fashion. When we ran up against roadblocks, Chris expertly maneuvered us around them without ever offending anyone. She truly is a magician.

This is the first Real estate transaction I attempted by myself. Yet, due to the kindness and expertise of Missy Ashcraft and her real estate group, I never felt alone. in the midst of the most difficult year of my life, I felt encouraged, supported, and loved during the adventure searching for a home, and the joy that comes with locating and purchasing my forever home.
Lori Ross Brennan
Dealing with “one less thing” is always in fashion... Handing the reins to Missy means just that. From the first conversation I just knew that it would all be handled and it was. Every last professional detail of selling our home- handled.
Nathan and Melissa
Most important consideration In the selection of Missy Ashcraft Real Estate Group is that Missy Ashcraft is our daughter. But with that aside, Missy and her staff are extremely competent and provided outstanding realtor services. Her skill in handling the contractural requirements of the agreed upon purchase terms was exemplary.

Chris Kluzinski knowledge of the day to day requirements stipulated in real estate contracts was most impressive, including her tenacious follow up of all loose-ends to be completed before closing on a sale.
JD and Susan
Missy Ashcraft and Chris Kluzinski were very helpful,communicative, understanding and always available. Enjoyed working with both and would utilize their services again!
Sandi Ricci